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For the convenience of customers in our store, you can pay for the product in any of the following methods: 
  • Cash on delivery or postal money transfer (only for Belarus)
  • PayPal Attention! Unfortunately, payment via PayPal is temporarily unavailable.
  • Bitcoin
  • Tether USDT ERC20
  • Tether USDT TRC20
  • купить на Wildberries
If you are paying with Bitcoin or Tether, please fill in the Order Number in the "Comment/Note to the order" field.




Shipping rates shown include secure packaging and worldwide shipping.


 COVID-19: Impact on delivery


MAJOR COUNTRIES SHIPPING STATUS (USA, Canada, Australia, Central European countries, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia):

Shipping and delivery times for most shipments appear to be unaffected currently.

Please note that specific areas may experience delivery delays based on local conditions.



Although many packages are still arriving on a normal delivery timetable, there is potential that international packages may be delayed in transit.

Recent international package delays have largely been minor. Most delays we have seen have slowed delivery speed by 1-2 days, with some delays stretching up to 5 days.

Please note that as the COVID-19 situation develops, international delivery speed and availability is variable and subject to change quickly. As part of COVID-19 prevention measures, some countries have limited available shipping options or have halted inbound shipping altogether.


International shipping options
  • Standard. Delivery by the state postal service. Delivery time takes 2-3 weeks after shipping (may take up to 6 weeks).
  • Express. Delivery by UPS Express Saver. Delivery time takes 5-10 business days after shipping (may take up to 14 business days).


All Countries and Areas:

Asia: Japan, India, Indonesia, Korea, Cambodia, Guam, Saipan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Bhutan, Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Maldives, Mongolia, Laos, etc.

Oceania: Australia, Solomon, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, etc.

North America/Central America: USA, El Salvador, Canada, Cuba, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, Barbados, Honduras, Mexico, etc.

Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Oman, Qatar, Cyprus, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, etc.

Europe: Iceland, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Italy, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Estonia, Austria, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, San Marino, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Finland, France, Bulgaria, Belarus, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Malta, Monaco, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Romania, Russian Federation, etc.

South America: Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, etc.

Africa: Algeria, Uganda, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Gabon, Kenya, Cote d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Djibouti, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Senegal, Tanzania, Tunisia, Togo, Nigeria, Botswana, Madagascar, Republic of South Africa, Mauritius, Morocco, Rwanda, etc.