List of the most popular and frequently asked questions!

1. What types of films do we use? About the film "3M” and ARLON

Our decals are printed only on high quality car film (3M and ARLON).

The advantage of these films is that it is really thin and sticks to compound bending the best way. Having enough skills, it is possible to wrap even a tank of a bike without any folds, which is not possible using most of other films.

This film has a really strong adhesive compound (corners don’t come unstick). And what is more – it is porous and breathable! While sticking, there is no need to smooth out air bubbles to the edges of the sticker or make holes with a needle. Just press with a finger and the air will go off.

After printing, the upper layer of a film shall be covered with a special protective lamination which is also porous. It makes the sticker scratchproof and resistant to chemical exposure and provides durability.

It's pure fun to wrap your motorcycle with our stickers on! We have been doing that for many years and we know exactly what we are selling.

We don’t skimp on quality!

2. What types of films do we use? About transparent film

We use a transparent film for printing in cases where it is needed.

Transparent film is an ideal solution when there is a risk to mismatch the color of your motorcycle. It means that you don’t need to worry that the ground-color of the sticker will not match the color of the motorcycle.

The printing method we use allow achieving incredible brightness and intensity of a printing layer on transparent film! White color on it is sharply white and grey color looks like silver color!

We guarantee that you will be thrilled with the quality of such stickers! Transparent film with used printing method would be a one-stop solution if it hadn’t one problem – as opposed to 3M it is not breathable. That is why it is difficult for it to be stuck on a plastic, having bends.

We could close my eyes on the problem but shifting the problems to buyer’s shoulders is against our principles. So big stickers and stickers for plastic of a compound shape are made on 3M, others on a transparent film. It is possible to combine both vinyl and transparent types of film in one set.

3. About printing and multi-layer motodecals

We don’t stick together decals by parts in several layers.

We consider it to be a primitive method, which doesn’t allow to show full beauty of the decal. It is impossible to reach seamless transition of one color into another and many other effects through sticking together, which is the reason why a multi-layer sticker looks worse than the original.

More than that, a multi-layer decal is thicker by touch, which esthetically spoils it and raises a risk of coming unstuck in case of mishandling (for example during washing).

All our decals are single-layer. They can be varnished over if necessary (for example on a tank, as usually manufacturers do), but for this method some experience is required.

4. What motorcycle decals sets are available?

All the sets that we offer are already made. We will ship your order on the day of purchase or the next business day.

5. Packing of the decals and post tracking

We pack each package safely to avoid damage to the stickers. We attach each sticker from the set separately on a thick cardboard. Sending stickers only in an envelope is a bad idea.

Each package is sent with a track number, which we will immediately inform you. This eliminates the possibility of loss during shipment and allows you to track the location of the parcel and, as a result, predict the day of arrival.

6. About prices

Despite the many advantages, my prices are among the lowest in the international market.
All prices can be found in the catalog in USD.

7. Will there be any discount?

You can get a discount in the following cases:

1. When ordering two or more sets –10%!

2. When ordering a standard decals set, as from the motorcycle manufacturer's factory, but which is not available in our store 15%!

3. In the case of temporary absence of the set (the replenishment period does not exceed several working days) –5%!

4. In other cases, by personal consent!

8. How to order the production of decals that are not in the catalog?

If you need a copy of a standard decals set, as from the motorcycle manufacturer's factory, but which is not available in our store, perhaps we can make it for you. We will make this order without prepayment.

If you need a unique custom set, then prepayment is a prerequisite. In this case, we will involve a professional designer.

Leave your request using the feedback form on the Contacts page. Please specify the year of manufacture, model and color of your motorcycle, its photo in current condition, and a photo of the kit you would like to receive.

9. Can I order a unique design? Is it expensive?

It's possible! And it will be cheaper than doing airbrushing. At the same time, in the case of a light impact, the film will protect the plastic from scratches by virtue of its capabilities. We will make the damaged part of the set again, proportionally reducing the price.

The price depends only on your requirements. It's one thing to make a 7*7 inch decal with a unique pattern, it's another thing to cover a motorcycle with a finished themed pattern.

10. Payment methods

For the convenience of customers in our store, you can pay for the product in any of the following methods: 
  • Cash on delivery or postal money transfer (only for Belarus)
  • PayPal Attention! Unfortunately, payment via PayPal is temporarily unavailable.
  • Bitcoin
  • Tether USDT ERC20
  • Tether USDT TRC20
  • купить на Wildberries

11. Guarantee and claims

You have all the rights as required by the Law of Belarus as a consumer.

We are always ready to communicate and solve appearing problems!

We will answer all your questions within the current/next business day. Our email address:
You can also contact us via the feedback form on the Contacts page or by using any messenger that is convenient for you.

We guarantee the quality of our goods and provided services. With this in mind, we can accept the return of a decals set and refund the money, except for payments related to the shipment.

You need to follow 2 simple conditions:

  1. Sending for a refund must be made within 3 days after receiving our parcel.
  2. The stickers must not be damaged.

12. How to wrap decals?

We recommend you consult a high-level specialist when you wrap your motorcycle! 

If you decide to wrap the stickers yourself, please follow our simple guidelines:

  • Conduct all work in a warm, lighted and clean room
  • Degrease the surface of the motorcycle before wrapping
  • Use soapy water to stick the UV printed decals set. Use a squeegee to expel water from under the sticker.
  • The decals set with a solvent printing must be glued to a dry surface.
  • Use masking tape to transfer the letters to the surface of the motorcycle, since the letters are cut separately.
  • Warm up the pasted stickers with a hairdryer.